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2006 - the year of Wassily Leontief’s Centenary 

5th of August is the day of Nobel Prize winner, originator of economical systems interbranch analysis theory, founder of International Centre for Social and Economic Research Leontief Centre’s Wassily Leontief’s Centenary.

In this case Leontief Centre initiate organization and implementation of series of jubilee events  devoted to Wassily Leontief Centenary in 2005. This idea recieve the support not only from lead Russian organizations and scientists which related to some periods of Wassily Leontief’s life, but also from foreign partners (Institute for Economic Research of Hitotsubasi University, International Input-Output Association etc.)

New section “Centenary” was opened up at the web-site in February 2005 when preparation activities to celebration of the Wassily Leontief centenary began. This section presented Organizing Committee members and main actions of the Programme of Wassily Leontief Centenary celebration. Furthermore the section include information on celebration preparing process and jubilee events coverage.



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