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Scientific Heritage

The section «Scientific heritage» is opened by the article of the Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Granberg «Wassily Leontief in International and Russian Economic Science». The section contains articles and essays devoted to Leontief’s life and scientific work, the publications of his disciples and followers. Wassily Leontief brought up several generations of brilliant researchers. The future Nobel winners Paul A. Samuelson and Robert M. Solow were among his students at the Harvard University. The well-known experts, as Walter Izard, Hollis B. Chenery, Paul G. Clark, James S. Dusenberry, Leon N. Moses, Carolyn Allmon, Anne P. Carter, Karen R. Polenske, Peter Petri and many other researchers have passed through Leontief’s school at the Harvard laboratory.

This section contains detailed information about Leontief Centre’s activities and materials of Annual Leontief Readings which is visited by leading foreign and Russian scientists, politicians, experts and journalists, who practice in questions of economical development of Russia. They gather every February for discussion and opinions exchange about actual political, social and economical problems of Russian economic rehabilitation (result’s generalization and the next transformation’s perspectives).

The International Input-Output Association is presented here also. This association combines economists, officials and governors who practice in application and development of Wassily Leontief’s input-output method.


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