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Ceremony of Laying Flowers to Memorial Plaque on the House at Zhdanovskaya Street 43 Where Wassily Leontief Was Living in 1906-1925
On September 11 it was held a ceremony of laying flowers to memorial plaque on the house at Zhdanovskaya Street 43 where Wassily Leontief, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, Founder of Leontief Centre, was living in 1906-1925
110th Anniversary of Wassily Leontief
On August 5, 2016 It will be 110 years since birth of Wassily Leontief (1906-1999), Nobel Prize Winner in Economics (1973), Founder of the Leontief Centre (1991) 
Conference "Nobels in Russia. Charity Traditions" in ICSER Leontief Centre
On June 21, the Conference "Nobels in Russia Charity Traditions" took place in ICSER Leontief Centre

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The section presents the major milestones of lives, as well as the dates of life and activities of Wassily Leontief: autobiography, biographical sketches, Wassily Leontief’s interview, photo album, archival materials



Scientific Heritage

This section contains articles about Leontief’s life and his scientific work, and the publication of his disciples and followers. Also in the section presents the main activities and projects of jubilee events  devoted to Wassily Leontief Centenary











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