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2016-06-21 :: Conference "Nobels in Russia. Charity Traditions" in ICSER Leontief Centre

On June 21, the Conference "Nobels in Russia. Charity Traditions" took place in ICSER Leontief Centre. Peter Nobel-Oleinikoff, descendant of the industrialist and humanist Ludwig Nobel (brother of Alfred Nobel), was the main figure of the conference. Organizers: ICSER Leontief Centre and the Foundation "Traektoriya". 

Peter Nobel visit in Russia - is a part of the new programme of the Foundation "Traektoriya", dedicated to Nobel topics: how the Nobel prize has started, how the Nobel family is happened to be in Russia and in what way was the "Russian business" of Nobel family established, that was existing until the revolution. Speaking about the Leontief Centre, celebrating the 110-year anniversary of the Wassily Leontief, Nobel Prize winner in Economics, on August this year, visit of the Nobel family had the particular importance.

The conference started with a welcome address by Leonid Limonov, Director-Coordinator of Scientific-Research Programs, Leontief Centre. The main participants of the Conference: Larisa Bazylevich, General Director of LLC "AgitEk Studio", Vice-President of the NGO "The Nobel Company "Ala-kiriola"; Mikhail Yurik, Chairman Council of the Foundation "Traektoriya"; Louiz Morsing, Consul for Culture, Information, Education and Science, Consulate General of Sweden in St. Petersburg and the others.

At the conference it also was the presentation of the documentary film "Marta Nobel. Points on the Map" by "AgitEk Studio", 2015.


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